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Tom Rogers

Founder & CEO | Vendor Centric

Tom Rogers is the Founder and CEO of Vendor Centric, a leading consultancy that helps companies transform vendor management from a siloed set of activities into a cohesive business function that creates measurable value for the organization.

Over his 30-year career, Tom has worked with over 100 organizations across diverse

industries such as aerospace, finance, healthcare, insurance and nonprofits. He is a thought leader in vendor management, having written two books and actively writing and speaking on the topic through blogs, webinars and conferences.

Prior to founding Vendor Centric, Tom was a Partner in BDO USA’s consulting practice. He previously served as an adjunct at Georgetown University, and on the NIST Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

How to Strengthen TPRM Governance to Make Management Happy and Your Life Easier

Day 2 | Track 1 | 2 - 2:50 PM

Senior management doesn’t want to be surprised by business interruptions, data breaches, and other problems created by your third parties. You don’t want them either - but right now you just want to get that one vendor to respond to the due diligence questionnaire that’s 30 days overdue!

Effective governance helps you do both.

Good governance enables TPRM to establish standards, enforce controls, be efficient, and hold everyone accountable for results. But it needs to be built on a solid foundation to work.

Join Tom Rogers (Founder and CEO) and Laura Melgoza (Director, Client Services) from Vendor Centric to learn about practical, impactful ways you can improve your own TPRM governance to provide you and senior management what you both want.

In this session we will discuss:

  • What effective governance looks like

  • How to align your people, policies, and systems to create a sound governance infrastructure

  • Who should be involved in oversight and issue escalation

  • Practical ways to integrate continuous improvement into your governance framework

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