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Douglas Clare

Managing Director, Head of Cyber Strategy | ISS Corporate Solutions

Doug leads Cyber Strategy for ISS Corporate Solutions (ICS), providing product management leadership and advisory expertise for clients of the company’s Cyber Risk Solutions, including the Cyber Risk Score.   ICS’ Cyber Risk Solutions are widely used in support of enterprise risk self-assessment, third-party risk management, and cyber risk insurance underwriting.  Prior to joining ICS, Doug spent more than 30 years with FICO leading product teams responsible for the delivery, operation, and servicing of enterprise software for risk management, leveraging advanced analytics and applied AI.  Doug has deep experience in helping banks, insurance companies, retailers and other businesses translate advanced analytics into meaningful results in the management of fraud, credit risk, cyber security, and compliance.  Doug’s experience in cyber risk includes the development of innovative AI solutions for the detection of anomalous network events and the quantification of cyber risk at the enterprise and network level.   

AI and the Proven Predictors of Cyber Risk: Measurements for Informed Third-Party Risk Management

Day 3 | Track 1 | 3 - 3:50 PM

In business, we manage what we measure. When it comes to cyber risk, objective measurements can be exceedingly challenging.   In this session, we’ll explore the relationships between network posture, organizational behavior, and breach outcomes.  We will cover DHS-funded research on global internet security threat identification and risk quantification, as well as subsequent proprietary research that establishes the quantitative relationship between network and services configurations, organizational behaviors, and breach events.   By understanding and appreciating the correlations between observable conditions and outcomes, organizations can begin to leverage quantitative risk management principles in their effort to address and mitigate cyber risks. 

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