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Dennis J. Frio

Managing Director, TPRM Practice Lead | PwC

Dennis Frio is a Managing Director, and a leader in the firm’s Third Party Risk Management practice. He has over 25 years of consulting and industry experience specializing in the implementation and enhancement of third-party risk management and supply chain processes and applications. He has worked on third party risk and regulatory programs primarily in the Banking, Asset Management and Pharmaceutical industries in the United States, Europe and Asia Pac across a broad array of initiatives designed to reduce costs, improve efficiency and manage risk.

  • Led multiple third-party risk fit for purpose program builds in line with our client’s operational needs and industry leading practices

  • Led multiple third-party risk software implementations to improve the consistency, accuracy and efficiency of our clients’ risk programs

  • Worked collaboratively with senior leadership to design and build the proper governance and issue escalation protocols

  • Prepared key third-party risk thought leadership that provide insights into the direction of the third-party risk marketplace

Keynote Panel: Big 4 Panel on TPRM Essentials & Better Practices

Day 2 | Morning Keynote | 9 - 9:55 AM

Kick off our first full day of conference sessions by joining TPRM professionals from each of the Big 4 organizations as they answer timely questions on TPRM Essentials & Better Practices in this Keynote Panel:

  • What is essential when just starting out a TPRM program?

  • How do you maximize (optimize) the value of a TPRM program?

  • There are so many new regulations coming out (both domestically and internationally) that are directly or indirectly related to TPRM.  How can teams get a handle on them all and ensure their organization (as well as their third parties) maintain regulatory compliance?

  • Where does the Big 4 see TPRM as an industry within the next few years & how will innovation drive evolution? 

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