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Chris Denning

CSO & Director of Business Resilience | Global Resilience Federation

As the Chief Security Officer at Global Resilience Federation (GRF), Mr. Denning oversees day-to-day security operations and leads the GRF’s multi-sector Business Resilience Council community, including its information sharing, exercise, operational resilience, and third-party risk programs. 


Prior to joining GRF in 2017, Mr. Denning served in the US Army as an Apache helicopter pilot and as a military intelligence officer.  While in the military he was an officer in charge at the Pentagon’s Army Watch and National Guard Bureau’s Joint Operation Center where he helped plan for, mitigate, and coordinate response to major events and missions around the world and throughout the United States.  As a commander and Contracting Officer’s Representative in the military, he was responsible for developing, securing, and maintaining partnerships and supply chains that were essential to US missions around the globe. Mr. Denning also served as a law enforcement officer where he specialized in investigating organized crime, street crimes and fraud. He is a subject matter expert in geopolitics, physical security, and supply chain security.  Mr. Denning has authored dozens of articles and papers analyzing the impacts of geopolitical events on supply chains and has been an advocate for the geographical diversification of supply chains, as well as leveraging collective influence to establish communications during events which threaten supply chains. Most recently, he codeveloped and facilitated an exercise with IBM Promontory to test supply chains and third-party risk amidst future geopolitical conflict in Asia.  Mr. Denning holds degrees in Political Science, Spanish, Military Science and Business from BYU, University of Utah, and Liberty University.

Panel: Practitioner Perspectives on Continuous Monitoring Success

Day 3 | Track 1 | 11 - 11:50 AM

Continuous monitoring is the core around which mature TPRM programs now being constructed.

With many service providers and several different ways to deploy continuous monitoring solutions, it can be daunting for newer TPRM programs to integrate continuous monitoring in a cost-effective and efficient way that drives meaningful business value and provides awareness. Our panel will share lessons learned and the better practices that have emerged from experience in deploying continuous monitoring and how to elevate the resulting information beyond just ‘another blinking red light’ into actionable insights that drive our businesses forward.

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