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Brad McAdams

Manager, Pre-Sales | ProcessUnity

Brad McAdams has spent his entire career focused around Third Party Risk Management, and the wider GRC Market. Starting first as a practitioner in the consulting world, before switching over to the software side more than a decade ago. Brad has had the opportunity to be based both in North America as well as Europe.

Unify Third-Party Risk and Cybersecurity for Sustainable Resiliency

Day 3 | Track 3 | 11 - 11:50 AM

What does it mean to mitigate cyber risks in an ever-evolving threat landscape? Today’s organizations protect their high-value assets and sensitive data from security events by addressing risk internally and externally. By aligning cybersecurity and third-party risk management, organizations eliminate the overlap in risk mitigation efforts, address gaps in their control structure and reduce costs. This alignment is crucial for organizations to develop a robust cybersecurity strategy that helps bolster their weakest links.  

Attendees will learn how to: 

  • Identify compliance risks, operational risks, and information security risks within your organization and vendor population. 

  • Scope third-party due diligence questionnaires based on internal security controls. 

  • Develop a defined process for prioritizing, mapping, and evaluating third-party cyber risk. 

  • Prioritize remediation projects with a clear sense of control performance internally and externally.  

  • Create dynamic reports on key control and risk performance areas to track issues over time and stay ahead of future incidents.

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