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A look back at our 2022 conference

"I think the in-person connection has been really nice. After seeing all these names, in the virtual conferences or meetings, meeting them in person, hearing insights from different people on their expertize. We have vendors and tool providers that all have different knowledge in different areas. So it's been fun to connect with them and share knowledge.

Ann Lyndon Griffin, Crowe

"I really enjoyed the keynote this morning. It was Ashley Owen's, and she was talking about networking. She shared some really good insights on how to network and to how to build your network. I think it was very relevant because this is the first in-person conference for a lot of people in the last two years. So, a lot of people kind of forgot what networking is and what you need to do while at these events. So, I think it was really great and Ashley was amazing."

Olesya Holker, Vendor Risk Manager, Wellmark

"There's been a great mix of folks, a mix of vendors, and then just a really good mix of really mature third party risk programs, and programs that are just now starting to be built. A really good dynamic with the types of discussions that we've had and the types of information or advice that we've shared. So, it's created a really good environment. The networking events at night have been really great. It's been awesome to get to be able to talk to different industries, all the different vendors and technology providers."

Nate Williams, Crowe

"My favorite thing about the third Party Risk Association's inaugural conference has been really the ability to be in the same space with so many practitioners who are passionate about the same things I am, about how to protect our companies and protect our customers and really society from third party risks. I'm super excited for the growth I think this conference is going to have. There's 100 people here, and it's a very robust and lively discussion. I am so excited for next year when we have 200 third party risk practitioners exchanging information, and really furthering the profession of third party risk management."

Vincent Scales, Director, Verizon

"I found the conference to be incredibly beneficial. I've been to a number of conferences since I started my career in third party risk management and so often third party risk management is just a small component of a larger conference. And so to have something that is specifically focused on third party risk management has been very beneficial. The amount of information sharing that is going on among the different practitioners has been incredibly insightful."

Nicole Makinney, Product Owner, Third Party Risk

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